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About Us

Our Story

Union Museum of History and Art - Archeology Research Center allows you to grow your knowledge through an outstanding collection. You’ll learn more than you ever thought possible and grow your mind in a miraculous way. We are constantly keeping our offerings fresh through our special events, such as Museum of Modern Art and temporary exhibitions.

We are dedicated to enhancing the minds of our visitors at our ever growing institution. The Museum doors have been open to guests since 2014. We are changing and evolving all the time in an effort to consistently offer new experiences to you and your family.

The Mission

Our Specialities

Union Museum of History and Art - Archeology Research Center was founded in 2021 and we have been growing and expanding our offerings ever since. Each year, our reputation grows, and with it our ability to offer exciting temporary exhibitions and events for our Museum. We’re passionate about educating our community and passing on an appreciation about the work we do. It is our mission to ensure that visiting Union Museum of History and Art - Archeology Research Center is an enriching, exciting and educational experience.

Our Inspirational History

Our Beginnings

From the very beginning, our aim has always been to explore the glorious world around us and try to explain all the wonder that it holds. The Board of Directors of the Union Museum of History and Art opened the doors of  Archeology Research Center in order to educate and inspire their fellow residents. Over the years, our reputation has grown and we are now considered a must-see Museum for all North Louisiana and Southern Arkansas residents and visitors.

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